Gender AFfirmation Programs

At Amplio Fitness we believe that everyone should feel confident and secure when it comes to their body, but recognize how difficult it can be for members of the Transgender/Nonbinary community to access certain resources (i.e. the gym) to achieve this. Our Gender Affirmation Program is designed specifically for members of the Transgender/Nobinary community to help you achieve health/wellness and a body that helps to affirm your gender identity. We consider your goals, where you are in your transition, and what you want to do in the future when designing your program to maximize success, ensure your safety and boost comfortability. 



Our program will help you:


  • Review your food intake and create a healthy diet 
  • Create a safe exercise regimen for your Pre and/or Post-operative goals
  • Understand the interactions between Hormone Replacement Therapy and fitness
  • Improve balance, posture, and mobility
  • Develop healthy habits and stress coping mechanisms
  • Find solutions to current barriers to a healthy lifestyle
  • Receive unconditional support
  • ...and more!

It is important to understand how your biological sex can affect your journey towards your gender identity. No matter where you are in your journey, we are here to understand your challenges and help you succeed!