Health Coaching

Health Coaching helps you:

  • identify barriers to healthy eating and physical activity
  • explore healthy food recipes and food alternatives
  • foster healthy habits through positive behavioral change
  • develop strategies on overcoming obstacles to a healthy lifestyle
  • manage daily life stress

Personal Training

Personal Training helps you:

  • assess posture, stability, balance, muscle strength, and endurance
  • develop unique exercise programs that address specific goals
  • find fun and exciting ways to get physically active
  • stretch and exercis to correct posture, increase balance, increase flexibility
  • lose weight 

Long-Distance Coaching

We are excited to offer tele-communication coaching sessions! This will involve weekly video chat appointments as well as phone calls, diet monitoring through a phone application, and periodic text messages! Contact Belle Ursa by email ( for more information!


We offer weekly yoga classes that are accepting of all skill-levels, body types, and abilities. With a focus on mindfullness, most classes are a blend of slow-flow and breath-based vinyasa. This is a time for people to connect their mind, body, and spirit. Our instructor offers a wide range of movements with modifications to intensify for people who want to really work out!