Belle Ursa is an American Council of Exercise (ACE)-Certified Health Coach with a primary focus on weight-loss. Each program takes a client's specific needs into consideration by incorporating life-factors such as access to resources, obstacles/barriers, health-risks, personal identity, and past experiences with diet/exercise. Belle specializes in working with the LGBT community, addressing the unique goals and obstacles they face. It is her goal to affirm one's identity and create a program that allows clients to feel empowered! Belle holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Oberlin College and is CPR/AED certified through the American Heart Association. 

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John Hall is an American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer. He views exercise as a tool for people to achieve balance between emotional and physical health. John recognizes there can be barriers when participating in physical activity and wants to help individuals find solutions to overcome those obstacles and create positive experiences. John currently holds a CPR/AED certification through the American Heart Association.

John Hall

Co-Founder, ACE-Certified Health Coach

Pronouns: She/Her

Co-Founder, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Pronouns: He/Him

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Victoria Shakti

Victoria Shakti is a Registered Yoga Teacher 200-HR with the Yoga Alliance. Victoria has over ten years’ experience practicing yoga and working within the field of social work. Victoria grew up playing competitive sports and has always been interested in the depth of the human experience of body, mind, and soul. Victoria started to learn yoga in an effort to find ways to be more inclusive, accessible, positive, and sustainable for her lifestyle and experience. Victoria’s goal for herself and for others she connects with is to practice yoga to more authentically become and express the True Self within, her HigHER Self!

Independent Yoga Instructor

Pronouns: She/Her