What is Jikiden Reiki?

Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden reiki is the branch of reiki that adheres to the authentic Japanese lineage from which all reiki is derived from. The core principle of Jikiden reiki is that the teachings are passed down from student to student, unaltered. In Japanese, the word "reiki" means Universal Life Energy. Jikiden Reiki is a healing art that attunes and develops a natural latent human healing energy. The purpose is to balance the body, mind, heart and spirit in a structured way through light, gentle, non-intrusive touch and compassionate intention and regard. 

What are the possible benefits of Jikiden Reiki?

Disclaimer: Jikiden Reiki cannot and does not diagnose any medical illness. If you have any concerns please contact your primary care physician or other applicable doctor!


The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine states that people use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction and symptom relief, in efforts to improve overall health and well-being. 


According to the Clevelanc Clinic, a reiki session MAY:

  • Promote peaceful, deep state of relaxation

  • Detoxify the body

  • Support the health of a person receiving Western medical treatment that is debilitating (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery)

  • Stimulate the immune system

  • Help relieve pain

  • Promote bone and tissue healing after surgery/injury

What does a typical session look like?

A typical session can last from one to two hours. You will lay on a treatment table, fully clothed, in a room with soft lighting, relaxing music/sounds, and essential oil diffuser (if preferred). Treatment usually begins with consented, gentle touching to 12-20 areas of the head, limbs, and abdomen. These touches sense the Byosen, the energy flow, and direct the reiki practitioner to the areas of the body that need energy manipulation. This manipulation focuses the client's own energy to promote self-healing in those areas. During a session, you may feel warmth or tingling in the area being treated, but mostly you will feel a sense of deep relaxation.


Reiki has no known side effects and is used as Integrative and Complementary Care in conjunction with traditional medicine. Studies indicate a decrease of stress and anxiety, decrease of pain, heightened sense of peacefulness and renewal, to name only a few. Reiki assists you to accomplish healing of yourself by helping you become energetically balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

For more information please visit http://npo-ijra.org/en/about/index.html

Pricing for Jikiden Reiki is 45$ for the first session and 60$ for any following.